Top Marketers with MBA Degrees

It’s no secret that to be a successful marketer, you need to be smart and strategic, as well as creative. Typically, you also need to have an MBA degree.

While anyone can get into marketing, only the most determined marketers prove to be successful. So, who are successful marketers and good role models? Here are a few of the top marketers with MBA degrees.

Pam Moore

Pam Moore practices out of Orlando, Florida, and has over 1 million followers on her various social media platforms. She is the CEO and founder of Marketing Nutz. Marketing Nutz is a company that provides social business and marketing consultation services. Pam Moore is known to be one of Forbes’ Top 5 Social Media Power Women – and for good reason. She is great at her job, and has a keen eye for business.

Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is located in California. He attended Ohio State University, where he obtained a BA degree. He continued on to become the co-founder of Market Motive Inc. and is a Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google. He is also a successful writer author and stands out from other marketers with his use of science in the industry.

Pam Dyer

Pam Dyer works in Oregon. She is a strategic marketing leader, and is listed as one of Forbes’ Top 25 Influencers. Primarily, she uses Twitter and Facebook to conduct business, but she also runs a personal blog. On her Twitter feed, you can find the latest marketing news and interesting links to marketing related content that she posts on her blog.

There are hundreds of noteworthy marketers that deserve followers and support. However, the above 3 marketers are a few of the most popular and well-known. They are driven, passionate, and business orientated, all of which combined makes them successful.

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