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​Announcing MozCon Local 2016!

Looking to level up your local marketing and SEO skills? Join us in Seattle for MozCon Local, Thursday and Friday, February 18-19. With both an all-day conference and a half-day workshop, you’ll hear from top local speakers on topics critical to local marketing, including local link building, app search, mobile optimization, content creation, and so […]

Local SEO

Getting on the Map: The Intro to Local SEO for SABs

Local SEO can be confusing for those businesses that don’t have a physical store for customers to walk into. Unlike businesses with a brick-and-mortar storefront, service-area businesses (or SABs) go out to meet with their customers, as opposed to their customers coming to see them. This often results in them servicing multiple cities, which can […]

Local SEO

Overcoming Your Fear of Local Landing Pages

[Estimated read time: 12 minutes] When tasked with developing a set of city landing pages for your local business clients, do you experience any of the following: brain fog, dry mouth, sweaty palms, procrastination, woolgathering, or ennui? Then chances are, the diagnosis is a fear of local landing pages. But don’t worry! Confusion and concern […]